RX Founding Staff Team

  • Date: December 12, 2020
  • Categories:Staff

Innovators, Enthusiasts, and Mastermind. We are the RX Founding Staff team.

Introducing the Rare Xcellence Founding Staff team!

RX Surely Spurge
RX SadieBear
RX Darkick
RX markanthonyaf
RX HoboBunnii
RX PnoyNoob1
RX modestmoreno

The finest staff team an organization can have. This group has many talents being brought into the gaming industry that will make never before seen waves and trends. Rare Xcellence wasn’t meant to be just another gaming organization, it was meant to bring gaming competition, entertainment, and style to a higher level of xcellence and rarity. We are the Rare Xcellence Founding Staff.


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